435 Segur Ave. Toledo, Ohio 43609

(419) 242-7071

Sunday, Oct. 2 Parade for Robert Easter Jr.  Downtown Toledo 2pm

Thursday, Oct. 6 Performance BGSU 5pm

Friday, Oct 7 Private Performance Lindsey, Ohio

Friday, Oct 14 Private Performances Fremont, Ohio

Wednesday, Nov. 2 Performance Eastern MIchigan University

Saturday, Nov. 12 Holiday Parade

Celebrating El Corazon de Mexico's 20th Anniversary

and Believe Center's 5th Anniversary

Our performance at Jacob "El Guero" Estrada Cd release party on 06-10-16, Sofia Quintero Art and Culture Center




                  BALLET                                FOLKLORICO                                    

Founded in 1996 by director Elaina Hernandez to educate people about the History and Culture of Mexico through Folkloric Dance.

“El Corazon de Mexico”  performs at festivals, cultural celebrations, parties, weddings, civic and religious functions, and other events.