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“El Corazon de Mexico”  was featured at a performance at Walt Disney World in Florida on December 27, 2007.

“El Corazon de Mexico”  performs at festivals, cultural celebrations, parties, weddings, civic and religious functions, and other events.


1996-2000, Fiesta Mexicana Debut  Performance 1996, Toledo, Ohio

June 2000, OLAA Conference Performance and Workshops, Columbus, Ohio

2001 - 2016, Festival Latino, Columbus, Ohio

2002 - 2016, Toledo Zoo Cinco de Mayo, Toledo, Ohio

April 2004, OLAA Conference, Youngstown, Ohio

September 2005, Oxford/Miami Univ. 8 Performances in one day, Oxford, Ohio

2007-2013, Oktober Fest, Berea, Ohio

January 2008, Obama Rally  at University of Toledo, Toledo, Ohio

August 2008, Columbus Crew, Columbus, Ohio

February 2016, California University Northridge