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“El Corazon de Mexico”  was featured at Walt Disney World in Florida on December 27, 2007 and January 2, 2019.

“El Corazon de Mexico”  performs at festivals, cultural celebrations, parties, weddings, civic and religious functions, and other events.


1996-2000, Fiesta Mexicana Debut  Performance 1996, Toledo, Ohio

June 2000, OLAA Conference Performance and Workshops, Columbus, Ohio

2001 - 2019, Festival Latino, Columbus, Ohio

2002 - 2019, Toledo Zoo Cinco de Mayo, Toledo, Ohio

April 2004, OLAA Conference, Youngstown, Ohio

September 2005, Oxford/Miami Univ. 8 Performances in one day, Oxford, Ohio

2007-2018, Oktober Fest, Berea, Ohio

January 2008, Obama Rally  at University of Toledo, Toledo, Ohio

August 2008, Columbus Crew, Columbus, Ohio

February 2016, California University Northridge